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A 3D digital graphic of the built environment of the city

We need to be able to see what buildings currently exist in terms of their height and density, then any proposed building would be added in so its effect on the surroundings could be seen easily. I met someone at the firm who told me this had been done for Cambridge a while back. I just got the message that my "page headline" was too long -- this should be posted. It's not clear what each window is for.

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A "Grand" connection

Cambridge is the connector between neighboring cites to the north and jobs around Kendall, MIT, BU and the LMA. Building a route for clean, efficient and affordable travel strengthens the region when Cambridge becomes the "Junction" of all this activity.

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Best easy and quick ways which can help you during the packing

1.Have a quick and an early Start
Packing is no doubt a longer process and no matter how good you are at it but it should be started atleast two to three weeks before.  So that the last time hurdle should not be there. Start packing the things you use the least. For eg; books , crockery etc.

2. Strategise your packing
The boxes you know you will need first mark them with a star or another symbol and this called labelling. Put belongings you will want on the very first day or on your arrival day— sheets, towels, toiletries, change of clothes in a bag or a clothes hamper for easy availability.

3. Room maintainence
Keep a little corner of your house to serve the purpose of packing station. Make boxes of assorted sizes so they’re easy to grab. Momentum is key. Keep a stash of good thick markers, packing tape, and packing materials such as bubble wrap,tapes and scissors etc

4. Save on boxes
Get used ones. In a move to be greener, U-Haul started a Take a Box Leave a Box program, said Howell. After a move, drop off still-good boxes at the nearest U-Haul, where others can pick them up and reuse them for free.

5. Don’t be a heavy
Many self-movers think a large box is for big heavy stuff, but the opposite is true. Fill large boxes with light stuff, and put heavy items, like books, in small boxes. “You’d be surprised how many people fill large boxes until they weigh 100 pounds and break. And that slows things down,” said Howell.

6. Don’t pack air
Many folks empty dressers and chests before they move. Don’t. This adds to packing time, and wastes usable truck space. Leave dressers full. If a chest is empty, fill it with linens, said Howell. You will also get less load shift. Likewise, don’t pack empty suitcases. Fill them.

7. Trash bags are treasure
Boxes are great because they stack, but so are sturdy trash bags, because they squish. Fill large trash bags with soft nonbreakables. They can be stuffed into trucks and morph into shapes that boxes can’t.

8. Hang ’em high
Don’t pack hanging clothes. Keep them on hangers and put them in the back of your car. flat. Then hang them back up in the new place.

9. Pad, stack, and pack
Don’t pack blankets or beach towels; use them as pads and save on boxes. Wrap and tape blankets around artwork and lamp bases. And stack and pack lampshades; they often take a beating in a move. Remove each shade; stack them small to large, then put them together in one box to ensure that they arrive intact.

10. Label on two sides.
Mark every box with its contents and destination (kitchen) on more than one side. Also note if contents are fragile. Though movers likely won’t care, you’ll know to go easy on them.

11. Be ready.
Have everything packed before the movers arrive or before you get the truck. Disassemble furniture that will need to be taken apart. (Tape nuts and bolts securely to furniture items.) Roll area rugs up tight and tape them. The more organized you are, the less time you will spend on movers — who charge by the hour — and truck rental.

12. Load in sections.
If you’re loading a moving truck yourself, maximize space and keep items from shifting by loading in sections from the floor up. Load heaviest items first, in front and on the floor. Pack tightly and to the top, then move onto the next section.

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Packers and Movers in Delhi

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Cambridge Master Plan

As part of our national and worldwide efforts to minimize the impact of our growing human population on planetary resources, and to minimize our production of greenhouse gasses, we need to capitalize on the energy and resource efficiencies of relatively densely inhabited already built-up areas. These kinds of places are more walkable, have greater public amenities, more variety, are better served by public transportation, and have more efficient infrastructure than more diffusely populated areas. Every new retail, office, small scale manufacturing, research, and particularly residential building that is constructed in already built-up areas, such as the City of Cambridge, is is a building that is not built in outlying suburbs, with their dependency on automotive transportation and more extravagant per capita use of material resources. Density can be our friend. When coupled with design strategies that strengthen a sense of place by promoting the spatial definition and quality of public open space - the city's streets, parks, and squares - density improves the quality of life for residents and other users of the city. Few people would choose to live in Cheyenne Wyoming or the suburbs of El Paso if they could instead live in Paris or Rome or Venice (or even the Italian hilltown I know best, Aidone). Cambridge can and should serve as an example of high quality urban design that is energy and resource efficient and improves residents' quality of life. The City's Master Plan should be directed toward this goal. Three initial steps that come to mind: Map all the underutilized sites in Cambridge: parking lots and one floor retail buildings on our major streets, and view them as siting opportunities for substantial and well designed buildings. Review existing zoning regulations: heights, setbacks, build-to-lines, etc., and adjust them if necessary so as to promote the construction of buildings that contribute to a dense environment of high spatial and aesthetic quality. Preserve Cambridge's best buildings - the ones that not only have high quality facades, but also contribute to the quality of public space by their massing and siting. (eg: the Odd Fellow's Hall in Central Square and the (ex) Globe Corner Books Building on Mt Auburn Street), and encourage designers of new buildings to emulate their positive characteristics.

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Community Shared Solar

It would be interesting to ask the Community Development Department to put out an RFP (or EOI) for three municipal roofs to have community shared solar projects.

Also, on the topic of bringing more solar into our community, it's worth nothing that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a great new school and community "solarizing" program called Community Solar NY, which will help New York's 5,000 public schools finance and install solar power systems on their roofs, reducing energy costs and creating a healthier environment. This new state initiative dovetails nicely with NRDC's Solar Schools platform.

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Create a master plan for the city

What do we want our city to look like? Where do we want to build what? How much green space do we want, and where? How do we prepare for climate change and contribute to preventing it from getting much worse?

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Development Process Review-Planning Board

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Grand Junction All the WAY to Boston!

Why is it that I can safely ride my bike out of the city towards Lexington on a dedicated path, but not into the city where a safe avenue should be a higher priority? This is especially concerning when there's already a pathway laid out for us, and a feasibility report for the Grand Junction Path was written in 2006. Eight years later, cyclists' safety and the green means of travel that the Grand Junction Path will provide should, without a doubt, be considered when writing the city's Master Plan. Please call the Transportation & Public Utilities committee to meet immediately and plan for the Grand Junction Path.

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Grand junction bike path!

The proposed GJBP will allow cyclist commuters to make much better use of the two existing bike paths, and will make it much safer to get from central/Kendall to union square (current N-S streets between Cambridge st and Mass Ave are terrifying for bikes!!)

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Grand Junction Bike Path

The grand junction bike path makes sense to me on many levels: It connects to already built bike infrastructure along the river in Cambridge, and the Somerville community path at the other end. It cuts through a dense, high traffic area part of the city. It encourages less car ownership which results in a more livable city and has many obvious benefits. Please look into building this path. Thanks!

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Grand Junction path

With the forthcoming extension of the Somerville community path along the green line route Cambridge needs to step up to make the Grand Junction pathway a reality. There seems to be more attention paid to E-W travel in the city that leaves some neighborhoods disconnected from their N-S neighbors. This path could really help unite the eastern quarter of Cambridge and provide a safe alternative route in the process. If this project progresses I think the Charles River crossing needs to be stressed. The BU bridge is not a safe crossing for bicyclists and does not provide access to the path on the Boston side of the river.

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Grand Junction Path

echoing the support for the grand junction path project - not only will it be an exceptional resource for the Cambridge community, but it is also important to the city's identity as environmentally friendly, active, innovative, and reactive to community needs and processes. As other cities build more and more public infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-car movers, Cambridge needs to keep working to maintain our role at the forefront of community-based, sustainable urban planning. We need to kick this project into high gear! it will be a great addition to our quality of life and travel safety.

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Grand Junction Path

more support for the GJP. we are in serious need of safe north/south travel for cyclists this is a feasible solution to a ongoing and growing problem

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Grand Junction Path

Full attention is needed for this very important project. As one who relies on a bicycle for transportation, bike lanes and bike sharrows are not enough to make biking feel "safe" in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville. The Grand Junction Path is exactly what these communities need not only to create a safe way for bicyclists and pedestrians, but to also motivate and engage people to be active and healthy. We need this project to happen in order to pave way for future generations and to foster alternative, safe, and healthy modes of transportation.

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Grand Junction Path

I also echo support for Grand Junction Path. Not only will it be a huge asset to our community - make our street safer, our city more efficient and beautiful, I believe it keeps Cambridge "moving" in its aspiration to be innovative, progressive and green.

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Grand Junction Path

I second the support already voiced below for the Grand Junction Path. For that matter, I encourage Cambridge to build a robust connected network of bicycle facilities that are so safe that we will see grandmothers riding bikes and we will be confident in their safety that we will let all our school children ride their bikes tp and from school every day.

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Grand Junction Path Now!

Cambridge is at a special, opportune crossroads: more residents than ever are cycling as incoming development applies ever more pressure to our auto infrastructure. The Grand Junction Path is a long-proposed and studied shared-use path and open space that will stretch from the Charles River to the Somerville Community Path, allowing safe passage for cyclists, walkers, and runners. The Grand Junction Path will encourage people to bike. It will make cycling, walking, and running safer. Most importantly, it will link the Somerville Community Path with the Charles River, creating a completely connected non-auto transit system, and setting a precedent for future green transit development in Cambridge, Boston, and beyond. At the same time, we will take cars off the road: alleviate traffic pressures, reduce auto carbon emissions and pollutions, free up parking spaces, and connect Somerville, East Cambridge, Kendall Square, Cambridgeport, and Allston-Brighton. Furthermore, we'll be showing our children - with action - that we value green transit, healthy physical/mental behavior, safe open spaces, and responsible neighborhood building. This path is a righteous no-brainer!

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Make steps towards a zero-waste Cambridge

Zero waste is an ambitious, long-term goal, but we can start by banning key non-recyclable materials such as styrofoam, improve education about recycling, and increase opportunities for urban composting (or at least public compost collection).

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Shared-use Areas for Dogs!

Cambridge is extremely under-served in terms of dog parks; this issue is commonly solved in other places with shared-use regulations that allow dogs off-leash in early morning / late evening in public parks / green areas. I feel this policy would greatly benefit the community - improve dogs' life quality, access to exercise as well as improving the safety for all through clear behavior rules and schedules.

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