Statement on Uber in Cambridge

Uber-Cambridge_1_.jpgLike many Cantabridgians, I recently learned that the License Commission will consider draft regulations for smartphone technology for taxicabs and limousines.

According to a blog post by Nick at Uber, the city's proposal would limit the operating capacity of successful, innovative services such as Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar. While it makes sense for us to think about how these new services ought to be regulated, especially with respect to public safety, I do not think we should turn our back on ridesharing technologies, and I encourage residents to express their concerns to the License Commission this evening.

The License Commission will meet at 6 pm in the Basement Level Conference Room of the Lombardi Building, 831 Massachusetts Avenue, right next to City Hall.

Over the past 24 hours, my office has been flooded with calls, emails, and tweets from local residents who support this technology and oppose what many see as an attempt to outlaw a popular service. As Chairperson of the city council's Transportation and Public Utilities Committee, I intend to schedule a public meeting in the near future that will allow us to address these concerns in a public forum.

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  • Quinton #BanFrackedGas Zondervan
    Yes, we need to support these innovative solutions, not reflexively try to outlaw them. The benefits are many, including increased opportunities for people to earn a living, and a reduction in private automobile ownership in urban centers, which means less traffic, less pollution AND faster commutes :-) Really there is no downside; in terms of public safety, it should be simple enough to require drivers to register so that we know who they are in case something goes wrong.