Renewable Energy Use

This past Thursday, the Health & Environment Committee met with city stakeholders and several members of the climate activism organization, Mother’s Out Front, in order to better understand when the city’s municipal operations would be entirely reliant on renewable energy sources. I am very happy to report that the city expects to increase the amount of renewable energy procured for municipal operations with a goal and expectation of reaching 100% renewable use within the next three years. This is another concrete step that the city has taken to not only combat the effects of climate change, but to serve as an example to other municipalities-- that in Cambridge, we are willing to do whatever it takes in order to guarantee a healthy environment for future generations. 

Last year, my team issued a policy order to explore how our purchase of electricity for municipal buildings could result in using a higher percentage of renewable energy. I am very proud of this accomplishment and all credit is due to the hard work of the city, our partners, and friend's and activists at Mother's Out Front.

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