Inclusionary Housing Study

While there are not any Regular City Council Meetings during the month of July, there still remain a number of important meetings taking place. This past week, the Housing Committee met to discuss the Inclusionary Housing Study completed by David Paul Rosen & Associates. The report contains in depth analysis and recommendations related to our current ordinance. Key findings of the study include: 

 Increases in market rents and sales prices have outstripped increases in income in recent years.
 Affordable housing created under the inclusionary housing provisions has become an increasingly critical source of new affordable housing as other mechanisms to expand the affordable stock have become more challenging.
 Strengthening the inclusionary housing provisions is necessary to maintain an adequate stock of affordable housing and preserve the socioeconomic diversity of the city.
 Inclusionary housing provisions may be increased to a certain extent without severely compromising the production of new market-rate housing. 

Below, I have included a video (10min. 37sec.) with my thoughts on the matter, including using special permitting and creative zoning to mandate for more three bedroom apartments; raising the "real" inclusionary housing rate to 20%; and limiting lab space especially around housing. 



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