Fresh Pond / Alewife Transportation Committee Meeting

alewifestudyarea_2_.jpgCambridge City Councillor Dennis Carlone has announced that the City Council's Transportation and Public Utilities Committee will conduct a public meeting to address the traffic, transportation and access to transit issues in the Fresh Pond/Concord Avenue/Alewife area, with a view toward understanding the impact of recent development trends in the area.

The meeting will be Chaired by Councillor Carlone, and will feature participation from Vice Mayor Dennis Benzan along with Nadeem Mazen and other city councilors and the following invitees:

Brian Murphy, Assistant City Manager, City of Cambridge.

Sue Clippinger, Director, Traffic, Parking, and Transportation, City of Cambridge.

Iram Farooq, Acting Deputy Director, Community Development Department.

Bill Deignan, Transportation Program Manager, City of Cambridge.

Jonathan Hecht, State Representative, 29th Middlesex District

Tim Snyder, Chief of Staff, The Office of State Senator Pat Jehlen

Jan Devereux, President, Fresh Pond Residents Alliance

Kathryn Madden, Facilitator, Cambridge Conversations

Matthew George, Founder & CEO of Bridj

Karen Dumaine & Michele Brooks, Alewife Transportation Management Association

With the City of Cambridge stepping forward into a comprehensive Master Plan process, Councillor Carlone is working with residents, stakeholders, and other officials to explore future transportation options and improvements to this vital section of the city.

The meeting will feature presentations from Bill Deignan and Sue Clippinger, followed by a panel discussion and public comment. Please use this form to RSVP, and be sure to add any additional suggestions in the comments section.

June 19, 2014 at 6pm - 8pm
Tobin School Auditorium
197 Vassal Ln
Cambridge, MA
United States
Google map and directions
Mike Connolly · · (617) 349-4279

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    While I sit in the same traffic in route to my Friends of Alewife Reservation job at Fresh Pond Mall, I understand the city had little time to implement the combined sewer overflow (cso) separation with storm water going to the new wetlands (you must see), and effluent to Somerville Pump station and to deer island. And very few (Residents and others) did not follow the federal court order timing for Cambridge to separate its sewer from storm water by 2015. Basically the city is under federal mandate to do this and it must be done right or much greater contamination and sewer waste will flow into our Little River, Alewife Brook and into Boston Harbor which has been cleaned up for the last 10 years thanks to MWRA. However, top planning for residential movement is a foreign idea, so this is the result. Also, almost no regulations are in place for traffic limitation enforcement. We will need to go to China for that.

    But the Mandate by the Conservation Law Foundation and Federal Government (Clean Water Act) must be complied with. More sewer work is coming down the pike (2 million)
    to place interceptors at Alewife Reservation in the middle of my 3 year growth of native garden that I love more than all the world, but have to give it up. We do not know why it wasn’t planned before the storm water wetland was built, but folks need to visit the wetland and participate in its incredibly ecological functioning for so much wildlife. A long tailed weasel was discovered with many deer recently and the place is a dream land for those who live near Alewife T and the overflow crowds who will come into the Cambridge Park Drive cul de sac apartments- all 600 units.

    Timing is everything and the present Concord Ave. construction has seriously interfered with people’s lives. Sorry, it must be done, haphazard as it is. I suffer too. Poor planning doesn’t happen in prosperous communities. We must change.
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    Alewife traffic is a daily nightmare for people who live in Cambridge and must drive to work in towns along Rtes. 2 and 128. We must find a way to ease the congestion caused by this bottleneck! Also, Concord Ave. construction should be accelerated — there is no excuse for a road improvement project that requires closing such a critical transportation artery for such an extended period of time.
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