Complete Streets & Charter Schools

I know that it can be difficult to attend a City Council meeting or to watch one on TV for that matter, so I wanted to share two short clips from the March 21st regular council meeting. The first video (3min 20sec.) contains my comments and support for the Complete Streets and Vision Zero initiative which will "reinforce existing sustainable transportation policies and plans, including the Vehicle Trip Reduction Ordinance, the Climate Protection Plan, the Pedestrian Plan, the Bicycle Plan, the Transit Strategic Plan, the Five-Year Street and Sidewalk Reconstruction Plan, and the City’s Community Health Improvement Plan and enable the City to apply for construction funding from MassDOT under its new Complete Streets Program."

The second video (2min. 37sec.) contains some preliminary thoughts on the highly contentious issue of charter schools. A resolution was submitted in opposition to raising the cap on charter schools, which is an issue currently being dealt with on the state level. As I mention in the video, I believe that there are many different learning styles and that it is our responsibility to make sure that our kids learn the best way they can. Councillor Toomey exercised his charter right on this matter which suspends the vote but nonetheless it is an important issue to consider both on the local and state level.

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