Cambridge to move forward with Safer Truck program

Safer_Truck_in_Cambridge.jpgGood news for cyclists and pedestrians in Cambridge! Last fall, Councillor Carlone introduced a policy order and chaired a committee meeting to explore the potential for creating a "Safer Truck" program in Cambridge the order asked the City Manager "to work with all relevant City Staff, safety experts, and bicycle and pedestrian advocates to consider the possibility of deploying truck side guards across all city-owned and city-leased trucks."

Today we are pleased to share the following message from the City of Cambridge...

Cambridge Announces Safer Truck Partnership with Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

Mayor David P. Maher and City Manager Richard C. Rossi recently announced a partnership with the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center to install truck side guards on city-owned trucks in order to enhance safety for pedestrians and bicyclists traveling in Cambridge.

The city intends to install these side guards on heavy-duty vehicles in an effort to lead by example in Massachusetts and to encourage private entities to do the same.

Volpe and the City of Cambridge are jointly working on a vehicle redesign strategy that will establish recommendations for implementing truck side guards, blind spot mirrors, and other vehicle-based technologies on the city-owned truck fleet.

"Side guards" are protective racks that are designed to prevent pedestrians and cyclists from being crushed by a wheel in the event of a collision with a truck. Although the technology is fairly new to the United States, side guards have been mandatory in the European Union for some time -- and, according to this informative pamphlet produced by the Boston Cyclists Union -- they have been credited with saving many lives.

Additional coverage of the effort to deploy truck side guards on city-owned trucks can be found in BostInno, Boston Magazine, and the Boston Globe.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our office with questions or concerns on this or any other matter.

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