Planning for People in Cambridge

"My vision for the future of our city is shaped by living here, raising my family here, and working on Cambridge's most innovative architectural and urban planning projects for nearly 40 years"

Thank you for visiting my City Council homepage — this is intended as a place to connect and collaborate on issues of concern to you. For recent information on the work we've been doing at City Hall over the past two years, please refer to the City Council Blog tab.

I am currently serving third term as a Cambridge City Councillor, but I have been working to shape our city as a planner, architect, and urban design consultant since 1976. It has been one of the great joys in my life to serve this city and use my skills to ensure we grow and develop with communities and neighborhoods in mind. 

As I consider the challenges that we face in our city, I keep the idea of people, relationships, and community at the forefront of my decision-making. In fact, my decision to pursue a Harvard degree in urban design, to run for the Cambridge City Council, and my reason for seeking reelection, are really due to one guiding principle— building and preserving community in our beloved City of Cambridge.

Now, everyone in Cambridge knows that we are a city booming with growth. Whether it’s the Fortune 500 biotech company in Kendall or the James Beard Award winning restaurant in Harvard, we are fortunate to live in a city where the best and brightest want to live, work, and play. As Cambridge grows, I believe that we have an obligation and an opportunity to incorporate intelligent, human-centered building design so that we can enrich our communities and not detract from them. We deserve a City Council that will incorporate our needs into the planning process.

Cities have great power to bring people together and equally have that same power to disassociate and isolate them. I want to make sure that we do everything possible so that, with each new building, our communities become stronger and more fulfilling places to be.

I am proud of my time on the City Council. Together, we have started the City Wide Master Plan process, achieved a Net-Zero carbon standard, have negotiated increased affordable housing, and perhaps most importantly, have refocused our discussions of growth back on the people and communities of Cambridge. Too often the wants of the elite few are put before the needs of the many. The City Council is in an advantageous position where we can promote development without displacement and economic growth that enhances the community. I will continue to use my position to put the needs of residents before the wants of developers. I am seeking re-election this November to do just that - to be a voice for the community and its residents.

Each day, I have fought hard for the everyday Cantabrigian. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve you.


Dennis Carlone